Monday, January 18, 2010


I've been waving my needles studiously during these past two weeks but instead of finishing anything I have just started new projects again and again.

My friend's daughter (almost 8 months) got a new cap. I knitted this three times - two times with Novita Luxus Cloud in white. The first one was way too tiny and the second one turned out like it could fit me. Finally I put the lovely yarn aside and chose to give Florica a chance.

Pattern: Knitted baby cap, Novita Winter 2009
Yarn: Novita Florica, pink (502)
Needles: 3 ½ mm
Size: 70 cm

Luckily I have lots of Florica storaged in our work room. This is way more lighter than Luxus Cloud. I just bought our son a new spring coat which has red and orange squares - a cap made from orange Florica will absolutely go with it :)

I have bought almost 3 kilograms of yarn from sales but don't probably have time to knit that much anymore. At least not before April. We really have to work with our thesis. Besides we have an extremely ferocious three-year-old who is in such a negative age right now. He really won't let me knit at all; hides my needles and tears unfinished projects.

With patience,


  1. Hej, jättefin blogg med en massa mysiga saker! Glad att jag hittade hit ;-)