Saturday, January 30, 2010


You know the type who always wears black, grey, brown and dark blue? My husband's one of them. In my opinion he desperately needed some new colors.



Pattern: basic ribbed cap
Yarn: Gjestal Rede, turquoise (438)
Needles: 4 mm

Pattern: Baktus
Yarn: Gjestal Rede, turquoise (438)
Needles: 4 mm DPN

At first he was almost forced to wear these but now he actually seems to like them, too ;) That's great because I already bought some green Drops Eskimo for his next cap. If I'm lucky, he'll probably wear red next year?

I wonder if I can find this yarn in future because it's no longer in Gjestal's pages?


  1. Ihana väri! Munkin pitää varmaan alkaa tyrkyttää värejä miehelle :D