Saturday, February 27, 2010


I prefer wool, cables and red. When I saw Johanna's cabled collar I absolutely wanted one for me.

Pattern: Palmikkokauluri by Kalastajan vaimo
Yarn: Drops Eskimo, red (008)
Needles: 9 mm CN

This was my first time knitting Eskimo. I fell in love with it right away. Although knitting cables with 9 mm needles was quite challenging every now and then. The collar took totally six skeins of yarn (à 50 g).

I've got only one problem: I don't have a jacket that fits with this! Shopping? I'm also thinking about knitting a cap, too. This one?

Can I sleep with this??


Remember the socks I knitted for our teacher? After seeing them her sister wanted precisely same kind of socks. Same pattern, same yarn, same color.

Sorry for the photo, these socks are for smaller feet than mine.

Pattern: Saltkråkan
Yarn: Novita 7 Veljestä, white (011)
Needles: 3½ mm DPN

Now I think I could probably knit these cables in my sleep.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby socks.

Pattern: something very basic
Yarn: SandnesGarn Sisu, green (8514)
Needles: 2½ mm DPN

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Thanks for the comments concerning our son's new orange cap! I LOVE orange too but am unfortunately going to tell about some grey stuff now. My sister asked for a cap and mittens in that color and I chose last year's new yarn Novita Tempo.



Patterns: Kati cap and mittens, basic ribbing and moss stitches
Yarn: Novita Tempo, grey (070)
Needles: 5 mm DPN

She wanted simple accessories and that's what she got. Those mittens seem very odd but they fitted perfectly. But at next time I'm going to learn how to knit a better thumb.

I liked the yarn and have bought some yellow skeins of it for my cap and scarf. Grey is just not my color and it was quite boring knitting these. Unfortunately my sister has asked to me knit two (!) grey scarves for her..!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Waiting for spring.

We've had a very snowy winter. I haven't seen this much snow since childhood. I'm glad that our son gets to go skiing and make snowmen every day. I'm definitely not going to complain about the cold - we are really enjoying the snow - but I've secretly started to wait for the upcoming spring.

Our son got a new jacket for the spring time. I couldn't help myself and knitted a matching cap to wear with it.

Pattern: Baby cap, Novita Autumn 2009 (pattern no 60)
Size: 70/80 m
Yarn: Kauhavan Kangas-Aitta Oy Panda, orange (004)
Needles: 3½ mm DPN

I have some brown Panda for my new cap, too. It's an extremely soft yarn with my favorite colors. Wonder how much of it should I have for a cardigan?

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Lima mittens.

I don't do mittens. I hate knitting thumbs because they always turn out holey. Felted mittens are the only ones I can do.

Pattern: Filtede vanter, HjerteGarn Tilbehør no. 4
Yarn: HjerteGarn Lima, dark gray (402)
Needles: 5 mm DPN

These ones were pleasant to knit. I prefer Lima rather than Novita Huopanen which of I have knitted orange mittens for me about two years ago (they are not blogged). My mittens are very warm and I have worn them a lot but Lima was nicer to handle.

I will absolutely knit more Lima mittens in the future. These mittens are going to a relative.