Sunday, November 21, 2010

For the winter.

Edellinen musta paksumpi piponi on jo parhaat päivänsä nähnyt. Jouduin pesemään sitä useasti, jonka seurauksena pipo kutistui liikaa. Malli oli kiva, mutta halusin kokeilla alla olevaa, jota varten ostin langat jo viime talvena.

My previous black hat is not wearable anymore. I had to wash it quite many times so it shrinked. The pattern was nice but I wanted to try the one below because I had already bought the yarns for it last winter.

Lanka: Drops Eskimo, musta (002)
Puikot: 6 mm
Koko: M
2 kerää

Yarn: Drops Eskimo, black (002)
Needles: 6 mm DPN
Size: M
2 skeins

Helppo neuloa ja miellyttävä käyttää. Voin suositella!

Easy to knit and nice to wear. I recommend!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

For the lovely couple.

Lapaskuu (Mittens' Month?) has arrived again. I think this is my third time taking part in it but for the first time I've actually finished something - and it's only been four days! I thought I couldn't knit any mittens but then I made Cabled mittens in October. I was thrilled and couldn't wait for this project to start again. My first mittens are Lover's mittens. I didn't follow any pattern, just tried to make them fit. They are for my husband's brother and his fiancé as an engagement gift.

Sorry for the awful photo.

Pattern: Lovers' mittens
Yarn: Novita 7 Veljestä, black (099)
Needles: 3½ mm DPN
almost one skein

They have a tiny dog so I was thinking that they could were these while taking the dog out. I wish I could knit these kind of mittens for me and my husband too, but I don't think we could ever wear them. Our son gets so jealous if his father even looks at me and he would never allow us to walk hand in hand. But maybe then when we are gray and old....