Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nottingham again.

Pattern: Nottingham by Melissa Mall
Yarn: HjerteGarn Vidal Alpaca, pink (9130)
Needles: 4 mm 40 circular needle + DPNs

Size: adult
1 skein

I knitted this just to use the last skein I had left.

For the new play house.

Pattern: Granny square potholders
Yarn: Novita 7 Veljestä Raita, colourful (822)
Hook: 3 mm
about 0,3 skeins

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

At Housing Fair Finland co-op

Last week we left our son to my parents and headed to Kokkola. The last time we were at Housing Fair Finland was in 2006 in Kauklahti, Espoo. That day was exactly like this one: lots of houses, lots of people, hot weather, big belly and lots of vomiting.

I was planning to take a lot of pictures. Unfortunately the picture card of our camera stopped being co-operative during the day so these are the ones I got. We didn't find so many things we liked but instead we now know what we are never going to get. We don't like homes that are too white, too gray or too brown. We like colours. We don't like children's rooms with just pink and blue in them. We have always liked lamps like Tuplakupla and Lokki but were tired to see them everywhere. We don't want anything to be too "clinical" - for example kitchens that are all over white. Although we are getting white kitchen cabinets to our new home but with black home appliance and orange ceramic tiles.

In one house I got happily surprised. This kind of clinic I would like to have. It would be so great to work at home - especially with an ocean view.

In Seve Ehituse house we found a wallpaper we would like to get to our son's room. I have tried to send an email to Seve Majad and ask about the wallpaper but they haven't emailed me back and it's been several days already. So I'm asking you: what's the name of this wallpaper with forest animals and where could we get it?

After all, the day was very important to us. We had started dating exactly ten years ago.

More pink baby hats.

These went to my friend's daughter Ada.

Pattern: Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap / Djevellue by Gro
Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK, pink (124)
Needles: 3 mm 40 cm circular needle + DPNs
Size: 6 months
1 skein

Started with 109 sts. This yarn was new to me but I immediately fell in with it.

Pattern: Vauvan kesämyssy by Minna Metsänen, Novita Summer 2009
Yarn: HjerteGarn Blend Bamboo, pink ()
Needles: 3 ½ mm DPNs
Size: 60 cm
1 skein

My sister had a birthday last week and my son made her a gift token. I promised to knit her knee high cable socks I knew she had wanted. She's already chosen a pattern so I need to go yarn shopping.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Princesses like pink.

My friend's 4 year old daughter has a birthday party later today. 

Pattern: Nottingham by Melissa Mall (in Ravelry)
Yarn: Hjerte Garn Vidal Alpaca, pink (9130)
Needles: 4 mm 40 cm + DPNs
Size: child

less than one skein

I love this yarn! Pattern was simple, nice and unforgettable.

Crochet fever

Ostin tätä huiman laadukasta 100 % akryyliä muutama vuosi sitten LankaMaailma Nordian alesta. Olen monta kertaa meinannut heittää kerät menemään, mutta yhtä monta kertaa olen vielä päättänyt säästää ne niiden kauniin sävyn vuoksi. Viimeinkin kerille tuli käyttöä, kun muutama ilta sitten minulle iski hillitön mattokuume. Tällaisen taudin iskiessä lankaa on saatava välittömästi ja kauheinta on, jos sopivaa ei heti omista kätköistä löydykään!

I bought this "good quality" acrylic yarn few years ago from sale. I've thought about throwing all of it away many times but have always given the skeins a second chance - because of the lovely shade of lime. At last I figured what to do with them when I had a instant rush to crochet a rug.

Sävy on oikeasti hieman kirkkaampi.

The shade of the colour is actually a bit brighter.

Pattern: Crocheted rug by me
Yarn: Trysil Garn Anna, lime (512)
Hook: 6 mm
2.5 skeins = 2.5 EUR

Matto löytänee uuden paikkansa joko poikani huoneesta tai leikkimökistä. Toinenkin on tulossa, sillä lankaa jäi vielä 3,5 kerää.

This will go to my son's room or to the play house at our back yard. I'm working on with the next one too because I've still got 3,5 skeins remaining.

Tänä aamuna poikani totesi, että "Äiti onneksi sulla on näin paljon näitä lankoja", kun viritin pikkulegokaupunkiin toivottuja pinkkejä pakoköysiä poliisi- ja rosvoleikkejä varten. "Mutta äiti, mitä sitten tapahtuisi, jos sulta loppuisi kaikki langat?" Onneksi sitä pelkoa ei hetkeen ole. Uuteen kotiinkin muuttaa enemmän lankaa kuin mitä neljävuotiaani painaa.

This morning my son told me that it's good that I have so much yarn. I had just tied some pink yarn to his Lego City for the tiny police men and robbers. "But mother, what would happen then if you knitted all of your yarns?" I don't think I have to be afraid of that. Next month I'll be taking my yarn boxes to our new home. Those boxes weigh more than my four year old son.