Friday, February 26, 2016

Mother of the year?

I made two cute dresses for our daughter and tested a popular (but yet new to me) pattern for our 4-year-old. They were all so much liked and I was called to best mother ever :)

Patterns: Birdie Birdie, Ottobre 1/15
Fabrics: Nappikukka red stretch terry from Pikku Piltti and Inkerin astiakaappi blue tricot by Leena Renko from Verson Puoti
Sizes: 92 cm
Others: organic red ribs from Nosh Organics

Pattern: Raide, Ottobre 6/12
Fabric: Minions digital tricot from Jonic
Size: 104 cm
Others: black FOE from Jyväskylän Kangaskauppa

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